Sports injuries can be SO frustrating when they keep you off the field, court or out of the pool, or not performing at your best.

Did you know acupuncture can be a brilliant first line of treatment?

“Acupuncture can aid a quicker recovery and can assist with reduction of inflammation, thus speed up the healing process,” says Julie Clarke, an acupuncturist at Central Coast Body Mechanics.

Julie – who has a background in the fitness industry and is also a Pilates instructor – has an exceptional understanding of the body and knows the importance of resolving injuries so you can get back to your sport.

“I recently treated a young Central Coast Mariners player who’d had injury and nerve pain for a lot of the season,” she says. “He’d been benched for almost eight months but after four sessions, he’s pain free and ready to go back to training.”

Even English football star, David Beckham, says acupuncture is “the one thing” that repairs him after a solid workout.

Acupuncture can be helpful for a range of sports injuries including tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, sprains, strains, joint dysfunction, frozen shoulder, impingements and tendonitis.

Specifically, it can assist with inflammation, pain reduction, quicker recovery, improved range of movement and flexibility and improved blood circulation – all of which improves performance. “The calming, grounding nature of acupuncture can also improve concentration and reduce performance anxiety,” Julie says.

Acute conditions can benefit from the early introduction of acupuncture – within a couple of days of injury is ideal. Older injuries can also be treated, but usually need to be treated over a longer time as they have become more set in.

The length of time it takes to recover from any injury also depends on the age and physical wellbeing of a person.

“Whenever you feel tension or strain in your muscles or joints, acupuncture can help release soft tissue constriction, promote circulation, and help you regain muscle function and range of motion so you can get back to what you love more quickly and effectively.”

Julie is working at Central Coast Body Mechanics every Tuesday from 9am. Dave and Tim are also available for the treatment of sports injuries.

To make a booking with Julie, Dave or Tim, visit Online Booking – Central Coast Body Mechanics (